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100 years after the nuclear World Ward III, a small part of humanity was able to persist the apocalyptic environment left after the flames of war destroyed almost everything in the past and decided to unite to create a “world government”. An organization where the greatest minds left worked together in order to improve the situation, rebuild society, establish order in a lawless world and create the “Domes”, which are safe zones created for humans to live without worrying abouth radiation or criminal activities. As the population starts growing the government decides to push forward the construction of a Dome on District 12, which is located in the Korean peninsula – Seoul city. However, the biggest criminal organizations that have been stablished here for a long time decided to retaliate in order to prevent this project to invade their territory. Because of this, the Korean Division of the world government decides to deploy one of their best law enforces “Alpha” and the new government administrator of the Seoul Division “Amber” to stop the attempts of these criminal organizations to hinder the progress of the project and make sure that the new Dome is built as planned.