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The Strongest Onmyoji in history, who mastered all spiritual techniques and was accompanied by the shikigami of the Twelve Heavenly Generals,
was betrayed by his family and died tragically.

However on, on the verge of his death, he opened a transmigration circle to reincarnate in another world.

The Strongest Onmyoji became the third son, Wayne, a high ranking aristocrat in this world.

In this world after his reincarnation, the concept of [Magic] is utilize widely
and the superiority or inferiority of ones status is determined by the presence or absence of magic ability.
Of course, no one knows about spiritual techniques or shikigami.

Wayne had zero mana and had no talent in magic.

However, the talent of spiritual techniques which is world’s best from his previous was inherited.
With his mastery of spiritual techniques and the strongest shikigamis, there is nothing impossible for Wayne who was previously called incompetent.

The adventure of [Strongest Onmyoji] which goes far beyond common sense by people who’s [Magic is everything], begins now.